Warranty and care instructions


kybun provides a material warranty in accordance with local legal regulations for manufacturing defects that were not detected despite the quality check we carry out. Please note that manufacturing defects are distinguished from expected amounts of wear and tear, the sole material’s natural signs of aging and any damage caused by inapproriate use or inadequate care of the kybun shoes.

If there are any manufacturing defects on your kybun shoe, please consult us immediately. Please contact us with your order# here: kybunsaudi@yahoo.com

Care instructions

We recommend the kybun shoe for walking and gentle jogging. Do not wear the shoe during intensive sports activities. Protect your kybun shoe from sharp, pointed objects (metal, glass, plastics etc.). Puncturing the air-cushion sole causes it to tear and let harmful humidity to penetrate. If the kybun shoe is exposed to chemicals, acid or aggressive substances (such as cement, lactic acid, hot grease, blood, manure), daily cleaning is particularly important. Use mild cleaning and care products only and clean the kybun shoe by hand. Make sure water does not seep into the shoe, since otherwise its inner air channels will fill up with water. If water still enters your kybun shoe, shake it thoroughly and afterwards vacuum the remaining moisture. Do not wash in a washing machine. After cleaning your kybun shoe or wearing it in the rain or snow, let it fully dry at room temperature. Do not speed up drying (for example, with a blow dryer, heater or tumbler) as this causes damage to the materials.

Upper shoe

The upper shoe of your Swiss air-cushion shoe is made from high-quality materials. The materials will last longer with regular cleaning and care. Please refer to the pictogram on the inside of your shoe and visit our website for specific information on materials and how to care for your kybun shoe.