kybun shoes & mats | There’s nothing more comfortable!

The Swiss air-cushion shoe from kybun (kyBoot) gives you a unique feeling of comfort as you walk that cannot be compared with any other shoe. Get the same wonderful feeling wearing your kybun shoes that you do on the soft, supple, springy kybun mat (kyBounder).

Opinions / Customer testimonials

I have been a huge fan of the kyBoot shoe for six years! As a pharmacist, I need to spend the majority of my time at work standing on my feet. Fortunately, the kyBoot allows me to do this without feeling any pain in my feet and keeps me from having tired legs even after a challenging day!

Dominik Engeli, Pharmacist from Weinfelden, Switzerland

After taking just a few steps in the kyBoot, my initial scepticism completely vanished. Walking in this shoe feels like striding across a mossy forest floor. I knew right away that I had to have it! It was love at first sight – or rather, love at first step!

Margrit Keller from Bassersdorf, Switzerland

I would never have imagined that there was a product better than the MBT, so discovering kyBoot shoes was a pleasant surprise. Since I work as a road construction supervisor, I need shoes that have a dynamic appearance while being appropriate for meetings. I have found the perfect model that meets these requirements, and I am extremely pleased. I couldn’t be happier with my kyBoot shoes.

Andy Martin, construction supervisor from Sennhof, Switzerland

Wearing kyBoot shoes trains your body in a fundamental way in your daily life without you even noticing. It improves your posture, helps you keep upright when you walk, trains your pelvic floor muscles and allows you to exude confidence with your body.

Regula Stricker from Switzerland